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What’s Hot in the World of Hospitality – Wholesale LED Candles!


A well-lit room oozes ambiance: it captures the space, texture and temperature of a room’s form, intention and function like no other design tool. Until the innovation of flame-free candles, safety was a concern and limitation to where and how long we could enjoy candlelight within the mood-setting spaces of restaurants, hotels and hospitality establishments.  While sources for wholesale LED candles have expanded significantly, the industry’s earliest and still leading players continue to develop realistic features that simulate the glow, scent and flickering flame of a real candlelight experience.


For the hospitality industry, rechargeable flameless candles provide placement flexibility not offered with open flame because excessive heat, high traffic areas, flammability and mishaps are rarely a concern. Thus the beauty, elegance and class found in the subtle touch of candlelight can now be expanded to less traditional locations like washrooms, change areas, and treatment rooms.  


Here are the key features we suggest researching with a reputable wholesale LED candle provider:


Embedded LED bulb


The latest innovation in electric candles is the ability to hide the LED allowing for a more realistic wick candle appearance. In the wholesale flameless candle supplier market, only a choice few carry this especially unique feature in their lineup, so be sure to ask the right questions before committing your budget.  


Battery Run-Time


Staff will be more efficient and customers will appreciate the natural, uninterrupted glow and calm of long lasting flameless candles. When switching to flame free, make sure your wholesaler carries a wide selection of product with industry leading battery run-time. Three thousand hours of use without any battery changes will keep staff focused on your customers and the enjoyment of guests!


Remote Control


For an efficient, reliable mood, insist on the latest of conveniences, including remote control options with easy to use features that maintain the flow of social interaction and hospitality in your establishment. Remote controlled LED candles open up the opportunity to accent key visual points in difficult to access areas.


Real Wax Flameless Candles


The products you sell are a reflection of your taste, value proposition and, most importantly, your reputation. The tools you employ to deliver those products should reflect the same care, diligence and attention to detail as your food, decor, design, and service delivery. The natural authenticity of real wax flameless candles is a must if you cater to those with a discerning eye for quality and an appreciation for thoughtful detail.


Programmable Timers


Your staff will appreciate those same convenience features of a flameless candle that are found in more traditional lighting fixtures. Timers provide for efficient scheduling around your service hours, ensuring continual illumination without the need to monitor and clean wax from fixtures or holders. Remote controls will help keep your operation running like a finely tuned, on time, machine. The programmable timer feature is a must for hospitality users of LED candles.

Choose a wholesale LED candle provider with the same diligence you would an employee: your customers will thank you!

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Did you know rechargeable flameless candles give you 15,000 hours of burn

time and save you over $6000 in 2 years?

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